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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love in the time of Cholera

Our trip was awesome.  Super-fantastic, amazing awesome.  Partner really went out of his way in the planning department on this one.  Truthfully it has been a bit overwhelmed to think about planning our next trip as he did such an amazing job with this one.  (I am on the next one as we switch off trip planning each year.)

Still there is no reason to get ahead of myself and contemplate the next trip when I still get to glow in the fun that was this one.

Hello, do you see the color of that water?!?!!? AMAZING!!!

The one downside of the trip was picking up some horrible stomach thing somewhere between Thailand and Cambodia.  It has been bad.  Really bad.  The morning after we came home I called our doctor and we've been on antibiotics since then as I had been sick for about 10 days at that point.  Partner too had been ill, but his system held out for a few days longer than mine did because, as he likes to say, I am fragile.

Fragile or not.  My ass was kicked.

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