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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Learning new tricks

Most of the people in my family are very skilled when it comes to things like knitting and sewing, etc.  No, I am serious, they are super, super skilled.  My aunt is a vendor at many of the craft shows in the Pacific Northwest, she is also married to a fellow crafter, and my mother is a hatter with her own store and supplies Disney is 100+ hats a year.  Yup. Super talented people.

Me, well I can barely knit more than a scarf, and my sewing machine collects dust unless I am hemming a pair of pants.  So, in truth, I am pretty darn proud of this hat I finished. 

I only ripped it out twice while knitting it to start over.

I was a little worried about not having enough yarn to finish it, but I managed to pull it off. 

I just mailed this hat off yesterday as it is perfect for a friend's baby.  It is super soft and oh so white, so I do hope she has a few cute moments in it before trying to eat it or spit up on it.

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